As you get older, you will find that a lot of those old sayings, that your mother, father, grandmother, friends or family members would say, have a lot of truth behind them. Life is so full of surprises and just when you think you know it all or have it all figured out is when something out of the blue, comes shocks or amazes you all over again. I remember hearing this old saying many times in my lifetime, If you love someone let them go and if they come back to you then its really meant to be. When I think about this statement, I often think about the women I once loved or shared a relationship with, then let go or was let go by them. I have found  nothing in life is perfect, hearts will be broken, there will be breakups, divorce and some people will walk out of your life never to return again. Those old Feelings, never go away, they stay in our dreams, heart, thoughts and buried deep down they become our desires. After they are gone men and women alike always try to find someone or something that could replace or measure up to our exes. Sad thing is that, as hard as some may or will try, they will never find another one like the person in their past and those old forgotten feelings never go away. Nostalgia, hard to forget, impossible to move on  and very difficult to replace. That dam Nostalgia, keeps getting in the way over and over again.

 That's life biggest surprise, because sometimes the strange or unexpected happens. Those old loves,ex boyfriends, girlfriends, people who you wanted a chance with but never gave you a chance, broken relationships, failed marriages come back in our lives and then try to light that old flame all over again. The mind is a wonderful thing because it protects us even from ourselves, but the heart doesn't care it only wants to be loved and our bodies well it just loves that feeling. When that special person you thought was lost to you or moved on and comes back into your life. Those old feelings start rushing back into your heart all over again. Word of advice, don't just make sure the other person is ready for a second chance, make sure that you are able, willing or ready also. Its never about one person doing what's right or waiting for them to love you. Its about the both of you loving each other and taking advantage of your second chance." If you love them let them go and if the come back to you then its meant to be". Nostalgia is when your heart begins to ache,true love starts to flow and those old feeling come roaring back all over again. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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