A Peaceful Breakup

Of all the skills needed to make it as a man or woman in today's world learning to survive happens to be the most important. Staying safe these days is an chore within itself, because of the dangerous driving conditions we face everyday, rapid crime rate in every city, state, town or country and last but not least keeping yourself safe after a breakup or divorce. Learning to simply survive, is a skill I would argue is a little bit more important than even having a college education. Without survival skills, common sense or a little streets smart, all that education can go down to drain. Because no amount of education will ever keep you from getting killed or  being safe when confronted with danger. Since this happens to be a relationship advice blog, I am going to attempt to give you the skills needed to have A Peaceful Breakup.

Why is this skill needed? Even though you or I would love for the world to be perfect and would also hope that there wouldn't be a need to break up with someone or get a divorce, the fact is doing both is as a part of life as driving your car to work. As you should know by now most people don't take breaking up or divorce very well. There are numerous stories and news reports of breakups or marriages going bad.You may not be aware of this but many men or women aren't as equipped mentally as others, when it comes to rejection. Some men or women simply can't handled someone telling them that they are no longer needed or wanted , lets just be friends, I found someone else or its time to move on. That's why having a skill as A Peaceful Breakup person can be life saver because it could literally save your life!

 Now everyone is aware of the traditional ways of breaking up or filing a divorce but those methods are only for people that have good sense or sane. For the insane there has to be other ways in order to be safe. The most effective way to have A Peaceful Breakup is by staying silent and keeping your mouth shut, that way you can plan or plot a Peaceful Breakup. Keep your emotions or feelings to a minimum that way nothing will keep you from achieving your goals. Timing is everything , your heart and mind together will give you the right time to execute your breakup to perfection. What I have found to be true in every breakup is that silence is the best way to let a person know that they are no longer needed. Unfriend them on Face Book, stop answering text or phone calls, erase all contacts, images or anything to do with them and go on with your life as if they never existed. That way in your mind you know its over and in time they will to, then you will have Peaceful Breakup that everyone would hope for.
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