Life In A Vacuum

Life is so crazy, everyday something happens that's amazing or just blows your mind away. People are dying of all ages, deep secrets are coming out of the closet and just when you think you know it all something comes, around then changes the game. Let me ask you this question ," Do you think you know enough or everything about the people and world around you? Under your own roof, what about your co-workers that you hang around with in the break room, your trusted friend or friends and also from your very close family members? I know if you happen to be confident person, that thinks they know it all or someone with a very sharp mind you would think that nothing can happen without your knowledge.  I am here to tell you people no matter how much you think or what you might you know, there is lot out there all in the open ,that will sock or surprise you. Not only with the lengths people will take, but also with the mere effort to keep their lie or secrete safe. They will act or pretend to be someone else and lie to world or too as many people as possible. Just so that they can keep their jobs, the man or woman they love, while at the very same time maintaining their status. Yes there are people that you familiar with online, work with everyday and even the people you love, then socialize or care about, that can be as fake as a $4.00 dollar bill. Their true skill as actors, liars or deceivers is very impressive, as the people or person that are portraying to be. Some of them are so good that they will be able to fool you for months, weeks and even years. The question that some would or may ask why all the lies or why would they go through all of that to hide the truth? Don't they know or realize, that no matter how good they are at being actors, they will be caught or found out? Someone in time will find out, then when that happens their lie or secrete will be exposed?  Life In A Vacuum, the closer you get to another person's situation, the more likely you will be sucked into their lives, everyday drama, become involved in their games or bullshit. That my friend is called, Life In A Vacuum where one moment you could be standing minding your own business and in another sucked away.

 let me tell you a true life story, through the eyes of a man who took a job, then lost his soul, his mind, then his job to only regain it again. Falling in love with the wrong person can have lots of unexpected benefits, some are harmful, while others lead to a passion that will lead to addiction. Anyone who gets a new job,the expectation that most would expect, is to work normal hours, for good rate of pay, with good job benefits and in a stress free environment. You would think working around 25 or more adults, would have one common goal. Which is to work hard, then make enough money to pay their bills and take care of their family. At every job place there will always, be people from different backgrounds, races or religion. Then after  working with them for a length of time should be able to respect everyone differences. That's in a perfect world, but in reality when you mix a lot of people together, with different mind sets, things are more likely to happen than not. There will always be one group of people that eat out together or some that may hang out together after work and if you happen to work around a co-workers you really like, then you may get invited to a barbecue, a craw fish boil or a strip club. In time some may become lovers or others best friends, some hated enemies where jealousy can sometimes, rear its ugly head. And yes unfortunately, there will fight verbally or physically, rumors will be spread and because of it someone may quit, be fired or loose their jobs. That's why I would never recommend dating a co-worker, working with a relative or having an affair with anyone in management. Because if its found out by certain noisy co-workers, then corporate or the big wigs, will be alerted about the rule breaking activity. That's where this man fell into his self made trap and turned his Life In A Vacuum.

His very real story lead to him falling in love with a woman of a different race, who happened to be his bosses future wife. Where co-workers who had relationships with other co-workers, while one or two have had an affair with many members of management. Family members working together under cover, co-workers being accused of theft and the biggest one yet, where one person lost their job, because they had an affair with their bosses girlfriend. Even stranger than that the person that had this alleged affair, didn't keep it hidden or a secrete from others. In fact he was very bold, talked about it on lunch breaks, in the break room, share their thoughts or feelings about the person they were involved with and did his dirt right in the open . What makes this story even more interesting that this relationship, that management kept secret and future marriage has been hidden for years. Lies were being told, cover ups, meetings or rumors daily, sexuality challenged by peers and people fired or silenced in order to keep their jobs. Crazy that all this could happen and most of the people who are employed there didn't even know about it. How could this happen, without their knowledge? Some would say," Why am I always the last to know? The easy answer is ,they were purposely kept out of the loop or persuaded that the rumors or what they saw was all a lie. Interesting the lengths that some people will take in order to save their jobs, keep their lifestyles in tack and their relationship. That's Life In A Vacuum, where people lie, cheat, then have affairs right up under you nose and you wouldn't even know it. Yes, you may think you know what your husband, wife, man or woman and even what your co-workers is capable of, but if you lived in the vacuum, you would see all their dirt sucked around or on you.  Life is a vacuum because even if you don't want to know or be involved , there is always a vacuum ready to pull you right into the limelight.
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