Mixed Signals

Navigating dating these day's is almost impossible especially if you happen to be a straight man because most women these days don't know if they are coming or going. Some are always caught up between the current man or their past trying to determine who is best.  Avoiding people that are gay or bisexual is the easy part, but dealing with women that are straight is a man's biggest challenge. Why you may ask? Because most often leave Mixed Signals, when it comes to what they want out of a relationship or what they need. To give you an example of this and to further understand what I am talking about, all one has to do is go to the beginning of the dating process. It all starts of where two people that are interested in the other happens to meet and what happens after the very first contact. These days most people meet online, while others meet at a bar, night club or if they are lucky a church, local mall or store. The reason why I say lucky when it comes to meeting people offline is because most people never make eye contact, because their eyes are always focused on their smart phone devices. That's why in my opinion dating has suffered tremendously and the proof or evidence of that, is how people now interact at most dinner tables. No one talks anymore, instead their eyes are always glued to their phones onto their social networks.

You would think after agreeing to become a couple, mixing juices, having sex or making love that its understood that both are in a relationship, what I have found that is no longer the case. Sex or making love these days in today's times are no longer part of the foundation of a real relationship and also when you give money or try to help someone financially they often take that for granted. Sex now has become something people just do and money sad to say is something some people just expect for you to give them without any repercussions. That's why men or women alike need to be very careful when it comes to meeting someone new or dating, because there are to many Mixed Signals. You may never know what's going on in their lives or why the chose you in the first place. In today's time its hard to find someone who means what they say and does as they say. Its so easy now for someone you thought you were in a relationship with, to all the sudden stop calling, text or to stop communicating without any explanation. If you happen to be reading this, thinking about dating or getting in a relationship with someone new, always be prepared for the unexpected. Don't invest to much of your time, money or energy in it until you know for sure,  your new relationship is real and there are no Mixed Signals, that you have to figure out later.
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