Have you ever asked yourself why can't most people be honest or why would they lie when they don't really have to? I know it doesn't make much sense, but some people can't help themselves, when it comes to playing games with people's hearts. All any man or woman really wants is someone to love them and treat them with respect. No one wants or likes to be used or taken advantage of. It would come to a surprise to some women, that lots of men are being used just about everyday. Most men fall prey to women with beautiful faces, coke bottle shapes, nice legs, silky hair or eyes that drive us crazy. Not only that when they have a sweet or sexy smile it would melt the hardest man heart.

 Its funny how women make men feel, when we see or feel that a woman is helpless or hopeless we do everything in our power to help or save them, even if it hurts us. Acting like Supermen or some hero, not only with our wallets but also with our hearts. Men with good hearts can be very giving that way giving their all while getting nothing in return. Yes ladies, just like you, most men want to be loved, then treated with respect as Equals. As you know these days no one is truly equal and someone always has an upper hand or an advantage over the other. One loves to much, while the other uses, one cares a lot and the other doesn't give a dam or give a flying @#$%&! Just as long as they get what they want. Lots of men or women these days, don't care about how many hearts they break or who they have to mess over, because its all about the money, sex , conquest or material things. Its amazing the price that some put on their souls, just to get some money, a little sex or an object that they could have bought themselves. Question is why can't people respect you for being a man or woman, knowing that they also have brothers, sisters, maybe children, that one day the very same thing could happen to them. Next time a man or woman tries to use you ask them, why can't we come to terms as Equals? Equals! Write in then give your thoughts or views on the subject.


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