In Love With A Person With Issues

If you lived long enough you would find that the world we all live in is a very strange and mysterious place. This planet called Earth is a world that's full of secretes, lies, hidden dangers or agenda's, that are not only being kept away from you by the government,(as you might expect) but also by your employer, some of your co-workers and friends also from your very own family. In every one's lives they often shocked or amazed by a deep hidden secret that's been kept, from them for many of years, by a family member, friend or a spouse. Some keep secretes that are so harmful ,when they are found out or exposed they ruin careers or lives, then breakup friendships, marriages and have some family members estranged for a lifetime. And you wonder why some people don't have a real relationship with their own family or why some end up on the news? As a relationship blogger, even I am amazed at the effort, the time and energy some people make in order to keep their secrete hidden. These people are also very clever, making sure that others aren't aware or understand that they themselves have some serious emotional issues. Some are so good at it, that they themselves start to believe their own stories or lies. What's crazy is that some children don't really know who are their mothers or fathers because of their parents secretes or lies. That is what so scary, about getting into a new relationship, meeting someone new or marriage, because you never know what buried behind their sinister smile or pretty face. Imagine if you found yourself, interested in dating someone who has all these hidden secretes or lies and one day found yourself," In Love With A Person With Issues".

On our quest to find the perfect, the right man or woman, most of us will find that every person we meet or come across has some type of issue to deal or deep secrete that they have been working hard to keep away from the rest of the world. They could have a child, many children or hidden children, bad credit, no car or money, live with their parents or homeless, a criminal history and some or most are just getting out of a relationship or marriage. The deeper secretes are those who happen to be in the closet , you know the ones that are gay, bisexual, killers or happen to be hooked on drugs. Why do we fall," In Love With A Person With Issues"? Maybe its because they have a beautiful smile, handsome face, sexy figure, good or great in bed or maybe its that little something, in each of us feel that we can help, save, rescue, rehab or shape them into the man or woman we really want them to be. It sounds crazy that some of us think of ourselves as doctors, psychologist or mental health specialist, but that is what we become when we date or marry someone with issues. That's when our hearts over power our minds and we get involved with a person, that we know will only bring us problems or troubles, then latter break our hearts and then add some unwanted drama or pain to into our lives. If you ever wondered why some couple start to look alike after time, its because their problems, troubles or issues become their own and they just like their other half become a person with issues. The question is it really worth it to fall in love with a a stranger or "In Love With A Person With Issues? Write in then give your thoughts or views on the subject.
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