Are You Really Ready?

In our lives there will be many decisions each of us will have to face or make. Some of them will change our life for a moment, while other have the potential to change our lives for a lifetime. That why every man or woman should take their time, to think about the consequence's of their choices or actions before they make them. What may seem right at that very moment, may not be right thing to do tomorrow. Twenty -four hours may seem or appear not be a lot of time, but if things go right or even if they go wrong it can feel like a lifetime. That's why each man or woman should really think things through, before jumping in the sack, mixing fluids or getting into another relationship. They should also asked themselves (while looking into the mirror) this very personal question," Are You Really Ready?" To make love, have sex with someone you hardly know or jump in the arms of another man or woman,  get involved in another relationship or settle down with this or that person forever? Is it the right or wrong time to have a child and is this really the man or woman that I want to have as my future child's, mother or father? Is it worth the risk or should I just simply walk away? If one really took time to thing about their life carefully, then Life can be just as simple as this question , Are You Really Ready? For something that may change your life today or for a lifetime? Before you let or allow another person talk you into something, you may or may not be ready for, just do yourself a favor. Ask yourself, because in reality its all about you, Are You Really Ready? Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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