How To Improve Your Dating Odd's

Have you ever wondered or thought to yourself( if you happen to be single) why doesn't anyone love or want me? Is there something wrong with me or have I lost my touch?Why does every-one else seem to have someone special to love, while I am sitting at home all alone? Or maybe you have someone but you aren't completely happy with them and the man or woman you really want to be with has someone else. Sometimes life if just a complicated mess, that most adults make, then later have to figure out how to make a clean slate. That's when most turn to dating or online dating using dating apps or going to online single sites. While some have gone to the extreme to dating co-workers or being sent on blind dates, set up by family or friends. One would wonder since Internet dating has become a billion dollar industry, why so many men or women are having problems when it comes to dating?Question is when you meet someone you like, how do you keep the conversation going or keep them interested and how do you communicate, understand or relate too a stranger?

  During a recent study 75 percent of all first dates, online relationships or friendships only last for a week , while most don't last for a month and few don't get past the word, hi or hello. The main reason I have found is that some men and most women don't know how to communicate with the opposite sex. Their conversations are dry and their text messages are dull or boring. An example of this is when someone would text or call the person they are thinking about with a simple hello instead of explaining or telling them why they used their phone in the first place. Funny if you asked them why they called or what's on their mind, no one seem to have a answer to the question. That's why I am giving the person that's reading this blog a way to improve their dating odds and hopefully they will end up with a relationship or marriage that will last for a lifetime. How To Improve Your Dating Odd's ? By calling or texting with a purpose, which mean no blank calls or text messages. Next time you talk, text or call the one you love share your feelings openly. Tell them what's on your mind and bring them a conversation worth talking about. Find out what you have in common and if you are simply calling or texting to say hello, say that up front, then let it go. Write in and give your thoughts or views on the subject.


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