Smart Choices

 Its always been my philosophy or thought  that one should ever to get involved in a relationship and especially a marriage too a person that can't add something positive to their life. Simply put its a waste of time being with someone that's always looking to take, subtract from ones bank account or in layman's term always very negative. But there are also some men or women that can add to a person's life and make them better. In fact there are lots of stories in history that has proven that some men or women have actually changed the person they are in a relationship with or married too for a lifetime. To those seeking a good man or woman, I would say this ,don't just find someone to love, but also find someone who can inspire you to be great! Find someone who believes in you and will do everything in their power not to change you, but to enhance or improve you in every-way possible.

 When we mature, its also very important that we all make the right or smart choice, not only when it comes to our career's or where we choose to live, but also with the man or woman we seek to spend a lifetime. These question's should always come to mind ,when meeting or dating someone for the first time. Is this person right for me and if so could I see myself with them forever? Especially if you have children, you must spend as much as time alone with the person you are dating, so that you could research and find out if they are father or mother material. The old saying is when you date or marry the man or woman you also are involved with the children and family. Even if they have children you also have to prepare yourself to be father or mother to their children and make sure that your children are accepting to other siblings. These are just a few of life choices that we all should make. Question, How can you make your life better? By making smart choices!💡 Which means looking , then taking the right job or accepting the right opportunity and also dating or marrying the right man or woman.💻 If you are having bad luck or aren't having much success dating one type, them try another.🤔 There are lots of good men or women out there, but a person with a closed mind void themselves a chance to get one of them because they are stubborn in their ways.👀🤐👀Think outside the box, take chances and always make smart choices.💖  When it all boils down to it life is about making Smart Choices, the more you make the better your life will be.
Have an awesome day,


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