A Note To Self

Its a strange world we all live it, but it would be really be strange if we all didn't check ourselves regularly. The reason we all should check ourselves, is to make sure we all don't become arrogant , conceited or become someone that's to proud to seek advice or help. Becoming arrogant or conceited is very easy, with a little or small success it can go to some or most people heads. Now because of it they think they know it all or that they are better than anyone else. What they are forgetting is where they came from, the people that helped them along the way and what really brought them to their very proud moment they are now experiencing. That's when family members, friends and even co-workers are alienated or forgotten. Now that once humble person has turn to an arrogant ass hole and a person that not even their family wants to deal with. That's why I am encouraging everyone to read this note to themselves so that they won't join the long list of people living on the outside.

 A Note To Self, read this as often as possible;
There is are two very old sayings," Two heads are better than one or divided we stand divided we fall.🤔 People who are the strongest have solid relationships, loyal friends , good marriages, also have very strong ties to their family and strong faith in God.🤔You are always stronger, when the people you love, are there supporting you in every-way possible. 💖Make your everyday focus loving your family, friends and your special someone every single day.💖Never attack, talk about, fight, argue with, spread ugly, rumors or lies and never attempt to embarrass those who you claim to love.💖Doing so, not only brings shame to yourself, but also to your family. Drama or pain can always ruin a good thing and destroy any family love or friendship! The most destructive behavior is when a person brings harm to themselves not from others. Note To Self, don't hurt the ones you love then you won't bring harm, shame, loneliness and embarrassment to yourself. A Note To Self! Write in then express your thoughts on the subject.


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