Cautious Approach

The world we live in is a very scary place and every where you turn there is uncertain or hidden danger. No place is ever safe, not at home, work, church, at a mall, internet and even at restaurant a person must always be aware of their surroundings. As adults we all have to take a Cautious Approach to first find out the hidden dangers and do our best to avoid them. A drive to work, the mall or even to the church is a good example of why we all should be very careful. Because the minute you take your eyes off the road or wheel is that very same moment where you could be involved in a serious accident. That's why when it comes to life's very important decisions everyone should always take a Cautious Approach. This is especially true when seeking care for our children, grandchildren or elderly parents and even when it comes dating. The conversation process you have with people you don't know should never be rushed, instead it should be slow so that you could understand them better and also so that you could discover if there are any hidden motives or agenda's.

 I always recommend that any man or woman that's looking for love, to take their time before leaping into a relationship. Get to know them first, find out what makes them who they are and also if their values complement your own. Don't give out to much information about your personal life, until you feel comfortable or safe to do so. I know to some people this approach is hard because getting to know someone without dating takes time, but if they really want to protect their heart and also their asset a very careful Cautious Approach is the only way a person can truly feel safe. Love is a very tricky business not everyone who says they love or care for you really mean it. There are lots of men or women out there with some very weird or strange reasons of their own, that are waiting for the perfect chance to take advantage of someones lonely kind heart. I am not saying that all men or women are bad, because I know there lots of good ones out there. But they key to life is finding out who's good or bad, trust worthy or not and someone who is good enough to spend your life with. Text, talk, date, meet, but don't rush and when the time is right only then start a relationship. Trust your instinct's first before giving into your heart. Even after getting involved never completely take your guard down, until they have earned your trust. Be careful the world is a scary place, but if you are smart, paid attention to all the warning signs, the Cautious Approach will always work in your favor.
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