Life is fun, exciting, disappointing , hurtful, surprising, sometimes stressful or sad and very unexpected. These are just a few words that describe how someones life can be and the real truth is, as long as each us shall live the learning processes never ends. When things go well as expected we all are as happy as we can be, the crazy part of it, we fool ourselves by thinking that our life will always be this way.(Perfect, without hurt or pain) As silly or as foolish as these thoughts are that's when what should be expected, turns into the unexpected, something or someone makes us sad and our hearts get broken. Some how we are shocked or amazed when something tragic or bad happens to us. Some of us close ourselves off from the outside world when someone hurts us or does us wrong and we act as if it can happen to others, but not us. What most people seem to forget is that we all live in an imperfect world where all things are bound to happen. Its just a matter of time before it effect us, our family or friends and the things we swear that will never happen to us, all of the sudden happens. Men or women we dated, been in relationships with or married too ends and now we swear never to date or marry again. Remember that unexpected I wrote about in the first sentence? Just we you say never is when the perfect right man or woman comes into your life and like a whirlwind, you are dating,making love, next in a relationship and thinking about Cohabitation. I know you said you wouldn't but now you are here thinking about moving in together, maybe getting married or Cohabitation.

The question when is really the right time to Cohabitate or should you both move in together at all? What's the rush or whats wrong with dating until you get married, when you can find out all you need to know by dating? Yeah I know you love them, sex is very good, you both get alone great and you feel you are ready for the next step, but before you do it ask yourself this," are you sure you are really ready for what happens next? Don't you know a lot will change when you both move in together, each of you will find out about the others good or bad habits and once you have found out, it could ruin your friendship forever. In my opinion no one should ever move in together unless soon after that they get married. Couples have been known to live together for years without being married, because both have fooled themselves into thinking that Cohabitation is just like being married. When in fact even though a couple that lives together shares bills, chores and the bedroom nothing compares to a real commitment. With no commitment there is no reason for either to be faithful, committed or for them to give their all to a person, who is afraid to take their hand in marriage. If  both don't want to get married to the other, then neither should, move into together or have the thought of being in a committed relationship. Instead they should just date until both are ready for marriage or Cohabitation. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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