For The Sake Of Love

How do two strong independent people come together For The Sake Of Love? Most single women are used to being the man, the woman, father,mother, parent, bread winner and doing everything by themselves or on their own. While most single men are used to being a bachelor, living on their own and doing their own thing. Bringing two people who have lived this way most of their lives together isn't easy. Because both aren't used to living with someone, also don't know how to adjust to a strong minded man or independent woman. How to bring two strong independent people together, for The Sake Of Love? By one or both letting go. Letting go of their old self and allowing a new one to form as a couple or two loving united people in love. Yes both will have to be humble, but there is no greater reward then having someone special there to love you. Both will have to allow the other to be themselves while making sure not to compromise the others independence. Which means allowing the man to be a man and a woman a woman while also learning how to compromise. Somebody in the relationship has to be the head of the family, allow the other to lead and the other should help when the other is weak. With two strong minded people this won't be easy because both will always feel their way is always right or best. Question is what is the right way, is it her way or his way?The easy way to solve this problem is by both bring their thoughts or feelings out in the open so that both can form an happy medium.Having two strong independent minds in a relationship can be difficult, but it can also become a strength. How you may ask? By allowing each other to be heard, while at the same time combining, each others thoughts and ways to form a perfect union. This won't be easy and its will take some time, but in the end it will be worth it For The Sake Of Love. Question is are you willing to do what its takes For The Sake Of Love? Write in then express your thoughts or feeling on the subject.
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