That's Cool

There are lots of things in life that can drive a person crazy or make them very angry. Traffic, difficult working environment, toxic relationship or marriage and the worse of all, dumb, ignorant, racist or stupid people. These things or type of situations can have the ability to ruin your day, but as a mature man or woman you can't allow those type of people to change you. Instead you have to learn to accept things the way they are and say to yourself these two simple words, That's Cool, I am alright and I am not about to let that ruin my day. Whatever happens on your way to school, work or any other destination you can't loose your cool, because it won't get any better if you try to inject your anger or emotion into it. Instead it will only bring more trouble or unwanted drama in your life and in some ways it will ruin your happiness. Take a deep breath before you get angry or loose your way, say to yourself," That's Cool, I am alright, I am man or woman enough to face anything that might come my way. Cool? Okay, That's Cool and go about your way. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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