If They Won't Love You Back

Have you ever been in a relationship or marriage where the person you love and care about won't or refuse to do their part? Won't help out with the chores , won't help pay the bills, won't get a job, won't stay out of trouble and worse than that no matter what or how you try do it won't love you back?  They are ungrateful, mean spirited and sometimes evil, but in some strange way you love them and put up with it anyway. These men or women drive you crazy, have your head or heart hurting, praying and sometimes they have you almost in tears. But you can't seem to make yourself do the obvious whats best for yourself," which is to leave. so that you could one day find peace, love and happiness". Sounds simple right, pick up, leave, move on, start a new live and start over? Crazy but that heart of yours or maybe your lustful body, refuses to let go. That's when your heart and mind are at war with themselves, the Heart wants to love despite the hurt or pain, while the Mind wants to protect the heart from being broken for the sake of the body. While you complain to yourself or to others, your own mind tries to reason with you, by saying and pleading with you, If They Won't Love You Back, then its time to move on and let go. If They Won't Love You Back, maybe its their way of saying its not meant to be. Write in and give me your thoughts on the subject.


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