Having A Conversation

If you happen to be reading this at this very moment you must agree or admit that we live in a very interesting times. If you think you have heard or have seen it all then, I am here to tell you that very soon after you have formed that opinion, something new will pop up and surprise you. People as always are very interesting, will do things that would have you asking yourself this very familiar question, Why? Isn't it crazy that some grown ass adults, would do some really stupid things that not only have an effect on themselves, but also their family? People are so very self destructive these days and don't care who the hurt in the process. Its like they are saying to themselves,  they don't care, don't give a ##%&* and if the world doesn't approve then that's their problem. The older I get I often wonder, why two people with different thoughts, views or opinions can't get together, work things our and talk about things before fighting? Why can't some people take no for an answer and why isn't that some men or women can't handle rejection? Instead of talking or Having A Conversation, they rather hurt, harm or even kill someone just because they disagree or because someone doesn't want them. What they should realize there is no right or wrong, its just two people with different thoughts or views. After all they might not want what they want or even feel the way that they feel and everyone has the right to express themselves in a way that suits themselves. Just because they don't feel the way that you feel, doesn't make them wrong or you right. Its just two people, trying to work things out, you may go your way and they may go theirs after all we are just Having A Conversation. Write in then express your thoughts or views on the subject.


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